Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Cardiff Freestyle Improvements

Cardiff International Whitewater course has recently had some modifications to it making it pretty good for freestyle.
New Feature – ‘Camera’
Its kind of a new feature, there was a little hole there before but it wasn’t particularly good. Apparently, its called Camera and its in the middle of the back straight. I paddled it on 8 and 10 cumics and at both levels it was a nice retentive hole. On 10 it becomes a bit steeper and stickier but is still fairly friendly. I wouldn’t say left or right moves go any better and even on 8 I wasn’t hitting the bottom so was pretty impressed with this new feature.

Modifications have also been made to the feature on the corner of the course by the centre. I had a few goes in it on 10 and it was definitely a lot better than when I’d previously paddled it on 8 or 12. It seemed more retentive and made it easy to get some big air on loops and godzillas. I didn’t paddle it on 8 but you could see from looking at it that it was more retentive and uniform without any waves kicking up in the middle of it.

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