Thursday, 12 November 2015

Cornish Hampers & Cream Teas By Post

Cornish Hampers is a food company selling quality hampers packed with Cornwall’s finest food brands including Cornish cream teas by post. All food is sourced from within Cornwall or Devon and includes brands such as Boddingtons jam, Kernow Chocolate, Simply Cornish biscuits and Rodda’s clotted cream. Their Cornish food hampers and cream teas by post all come in gift wrapped wicker baskets which includes a Cornish Hampers gift card that can be personalised on checkout, making them the perfect gift this Christmas. Cornish cream teas by post can be sent across the UK to those wanting a taste of Cornwall without the long journey down to the corner of the country. Cornish cream tea hampers are not only good for filling the gap between Cornish holidays, they also make for a great value gift that can be sent directly to the recipient. Cream teas are popular among all ages and make for a more original gift than traditional flowers or chocolates. Cornish cream teas are great for summer picnics and often prove to be popular gifts for parents and grandparents. The hand-made scones that go into their cream tea hampers are lovingly baked using the same traditional recipe that has been shared with Kirstie Allsop for her channel 4 programmes. The sweet strawberry jam is supplied by Boddingtons Berries who produce quality preserves by hand, in small batches on their family farm at Mevagissey. Rodda’s of Cornwall produce the best-selling clotted cream in the UK so Cornish Hampers use Rodda’s cream in their cream teas by post. Their cream teas are completed by Cornish Tea whose Smugglers Brew is a unique blend created to stir the senses. Clearly any Cornish cream tea should be consumed the Cornish way with cream on top! Not only do cream teas taste better with the cream on top but it’s easier to spread and you wouldn’t put cream on the bottom of a fruit salad.

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Devon Heaven Hampers

Devon Heaven Hampers is a small company from near the River Dart in Devon offering food and drink sourced locally from Devon, specialising in cream teas by post. Their quality Devon food hampers make for an original gift idea, whether it’s for a birthday, Christmas, Mothers / Fathers day, Valentines day, anniversary or any other occasion. They are an ideal present for anyone with a connection to, or love of Devon, so a great gift for any canoeists who like to get a cream tea after paddling the Dart. Their cream tea hampers also make for a great weekend treat for couples looking for a taste of the Westcountry without having to battle the M5 traffic!

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Flowerports WAVE

Do first surfs exist? Probably not but I'm claiming it anyway. The flowerpots wave was spotted a few years back by AS Watersports when the river flooded and the second pots weir washed out. It only took about 6 months worth of rain within a week but this weekend i got to surf it. I also got interrogated by sky news who were reporting on the recent flooding and didn't approve (not sure if link will stay up).

 The upper part of the weir

 Breaking out in the beer garden

Sky news

Saturday, 24 November 2012

2012 British Championships Results

The British Championships were concluded this weekend at Hurley.

It was decided by taking the best 3 results from the following events:

Tryweryn - May
Cardiff - Sept
Nottingham - Oct
Hurley – Nov


1 Sam Anderson
2 Ben Brayfield
3 Matt Rogers


1 Emily Wall
2 Islay Crosbie
3 Rachel Bovill


1 Sam Anderson
2 Josh Wedgewood
3 Paul King

Junior Men

1 Tom Goddard
2 Jake Boswell
3 Chris Thorne

Junior Womens

1 Kim Aldred
2 Jen McGaley


1 Paul King

Monday, 22 October 2012

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Cardiff Freestyle Improvements

Cardiff International Whitewater course has recently had some modifications to it making it pretty good for freestyle.
New Feature – ‘Camera’
Its kind of a new feature, there was a little hole there before but it wasn’t particularly good. Apparently, its called Camera and its in the middle of the back straight. I paddled it on 8 and 10 cumics and at both levels it was a nice retentive hole. On 10 it becomes a bit steeper and stickier but is still fairly friendly. I wouldn’t say left or right moves go any better and even on 8 I wasn’t hitting the bottom so was pretty impressed with this new feature.

Modifications have also been made to the feature on the corner of the course by the centre. I had a few goes in it on 10 and it was definitely a lot better than when I’d previously paddled it on 8 or 12. It seemed more retentive and made it easy to get some big air on loops and godzillas. I didn’t paddle it on 8 but you could see from looking at it that it was more retentive and uniform without any waves kicking up in the middle of it.

Friday, 18 November 2011

GB Freestyle Team for 2012

This years Hurley rodeo had to be postponed until February due to low water levels so the GB team for next years European Championships has now been finalised despite not having a date for the Euro’s in Vienna. This years winners of the league series were crowned British Champions and were given automatic entry on the team. Everyone else competed for one less place per category on the team at HPP in Nottingham. Below is what I make the team to be:


Myself (BC)
James Bebbington
James Weight
Alan Ward
Gav Barker


Claire O’Hara (BC)
Emily Wall
Lowri Davies

Jr Men

James Benns (BC?)
Bren Orton
Sam Stephenson
Brandon Hepburn

Jr Women

Kim Aldred (BC)
Jennifer McGaley


Paul King (BC)
Dave Bainbridge
Adam Ramadan


Paul King (BC)
Alan Ward