Friday, 30 January 2009

Somewhere Different - River Fowey

On Saturday with the Dart pretty low me and Will headed down to the River Fowey near Liskeard to try out a playspot that came highly recommended from Cornwall expert Denzil Pearce. As soon as we saw the river we were thinking it was going to be crap, as the river looked pretty small from the road. Whilst getting changed by neck seal ripped on my Cagdeck and Will realised he’d forgotten his lunch then the walk through the woods was a nightmare in partly bare feet - this trip was going to be the worst day ever. Once we got on the river though it was apparent there was quite a strong deep current and around the corner a large stream entered it. We got to the playspot and it looked quite nice but after a few flushy cartwheels I was undecided as to whether it was worth it. I started to get into it though and once I realised it was great for loops I was loving it. Apparently, its a lot sticker when its lower and when its higher which would make it excellent for learning new moves.

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