Monday, 6 October 2008

British Championships 2008: Bronze (and a swim)

I’m happy to have taken 3rd place at this weekend’s British Champs. It didn’t start off that well though after I SWAM!!! in the prelims. Luckily it was on my last ride, my deck popped after landing a McNasty (most likely due to the power of it!), I noticed it had gone but went for a loop anyway. It wasn’t the greatest idea, I swam from the Muncher down to where the course re-enters the Trent (thanks to Chris Chapman for rescuing me). I qualified for the Semi’s (top 10) in 4th place. In the Semi’s my first ride was awful; I flushed after less than 10 seconds. The pressure was on my second ride but luckily I put in my best ride of the weekend to qualify for the final 5.

1st Ed Smith
2nd Alan Ward
3rd Me
4th Ben Brayfield
5th Jon Best

Below is a video of me doing a bit of practise before the competition.

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