Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Alpkit Tryweryn Leg

Last weekend I headed up to the Tryweryn for the Alpkit challenge. The freestyle competition was held on Saturday on the NRA bridge wave, which is a really good playspot since it was improved a few years ago. In the prelims my first 2 rides were pretty poor but I managed to put in a decent final ride to qualify for the semi's in 5th place. My 2 rides in the semi's weren't very good either as I kept washing out on a frustratingly flushy wave.

I finished 7th in the semi's, not good enough to make the final cut of 5 which was won by Ed.

Saturday also saw the Pyranha Rev Big Move Challenge, the winner being the person who could throw the one-off biggest move in a Rev. I paddled the medium long Rev which felt a bit weird compared to my Jackson but was quite comfortable. To my surprise the Rev McNasty'd on the wave really nicely and I actually managed to stick a couple which was good enough for me to win the competition.

After the BBQ on Saturday night the sumo competition got underway. Not sure if there was an overall winner but it was a good laugh though.

Sunday was a boto cross race down bala mill falls and the rapids leading into it. I only managed to get my hands on a small ammo, which I had to take the footplate out of to get into. My first race was my first time paddling the falls. I came 1st in this race qualifying me for the cup competition. The next race was much harder work and I struggled to keep up in my shorter boat. I came 3rd / 5 meaning I didn't get through to the semi's. At least I didn't end up face sliding the falls like Arron from Square Rock below.

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