Friday, 14 March 2008

The Upper Dart

Tuesday afternoon I had a hour on top wave in a playboat and then met up with big Rupert and crew to do the Upper. There was alot of rain in the morning and the river had come up to a level covering the whole ledge and was just off running through the third arch. I borrowed a creek boat off Rupert, which I was grateful for however.... the seat was totally knackered, there were many spilts in the bottom of the boat, one of which you could see the seat through and the drain plug was a small piece of foam shuffed in the hole. It was fine, I just had to empty the boat every 15mins. Mad mile and Euthanasia were really good fun, although not as technical as when its lower.

Me at the top of Euthanasia (photo Tommy Hatwell)

Rupert at Euthanasia (photo Tommy Hatwell)

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