Monday, 7 January 2008

A session at Becky Weir my secret local playspot at a very low level

Today the Dart was really low (a few inchs below the slab/under 4ft) and flowerpots was just too low so I went for a quick session at my local playspot I discovered last year. The level of the Teign was low but there was JUST enough water for the spot to be working. With more water all hole moves go at Becky Weir but at the level it was today any moves involving looping would hit the bottom = right handed cartwheels.

This level was 0.94 on the gauge at Chudleigh (1.43 is its highest level before it becomes too flushy).

1 comment:

Duckboy said...

DOes this work over the summer?

Also is it worth it or more like slightly assisted flat water?